How to choose an engagement ring?

How to choose an engagement ring?

Congratulations! The time has come and you're looking for the perfect engagement ring, either for your partner of for yourself. 

There are so many options and so many things to take into consideration, your head is spinning and you have no idea what to do... 
That's where we come in- let us help you out! 

Choosing the right engagement ring is a serious matter: This ring is symbolic and will be worn daily, it's expensive and if you're not familiar with diamonds then it's even harder to make the right choice. 
One thing we always tell our clients who choose a ring for their partner is that as long as it comes from the heart, your partner will surely love it.  

However, whether you're the one who's going to wear it every day, or you're proposing, there are a few things that you should ask yourself. 

1. What's the wearer's style? 
What kind of clothes do they wear? Is it more on the sporty side, the elegant side, or the trendy side
This question is important because the clothes they wear may suggest their style, and that style will also match their jewelry. 

2. What does the wearer do for living?
You're probably raising a brow now, asking yourself what does a job have to do with an engagement ring. Well, most jobs don't have a lot to do with it, that's true. But if the wearer is a gardener, a massage therapist or a body builder, then we might want to choose a ring that is more simple, like this one. Solitaire rings will probably be a better option here, because they are more comfortable to wear. 

3. What's my budget?
An important question to be asked, since engagement rings are expensive, and you don't want to go over your budget. Not many know this, but a ring set with lots of diamonds weighing 1.00 carats all together, like this ring, will cost less than a ring set with one solitaire diamond that weighs 1.00 carats. The reason for this is that it's harder to find and polish a large enough diamond crystal. 

4. Do I have any information about what ring they want?
Many times your partner will send you photos or links to rings they liked, or they will share that info with their bestie/their sibling. If you have access to these photos- that will help us help you! The more we know the better. We might find out they prefer some gemstones in their ring, like this sapphire ring

You should also pay attention to what tone of gold they usually wear- white gold, yellow gold or rose gold. If you don't know your partner's ring size, we can help you find out. If you are picking your own ring, here we have explained how to find your size.

We have a large selection of engagement rings and we also specialize in custom made jewelry. You can ask for a custom design using this link


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