Taking Care of Your Jewelry

Jewelry Is Timeless
keep them shiny and sparkly over the years!

◆ We recommend you insure your jewelry with a reliable insurance company. 

Make sure you take off your rings once you come home. This will save your rings from possible scratches, dents or dirt, and will prevent any stones from falling. Store them someplace safe, that only you have access to, preferably in a jewelry box (like the one you received with your item).

◆ Remove rings before engaging in sport activities (yes, at the gym too!).

◆ Remove rings before carrying or lifting heavy weights and objects.

◆ Remove rings before cleaning the house & washing the dishes. 

◆ Do not wear inside hot springs or geysers! These have different minerals that might affect the stones and the gold tone. 

◆ If needed, remove before entering the last pregnancy trimester, since some women experience swollen fingers at this stage. 

◆ We provide a polishing cloth with every purchase. However, sometimes you'll notice some dirt beneath your stones or diamonds. In that case, prepare this cleaning solution at home: 
Add a Tablespoon of lemon salt (found at every spice aisle in the supermarket) to a cup of boiling water. soak the jewelry for ten minutes, then remove and gently scrub it with an old soft toothbrush and some dish soap. Repeat as necessary.