Gold Choice

Many times costumers ask me about the kind of gold I use when making my jewelry, whether they ask about its karat, color, weight, price and more. Here I will explain in short the main facts you should know upon your jewelry purchase.

Karat is the measure unit of the purity of gold, pure gold being 24 karats. Nowadays pieces of jewelry are not made of pure gold, simply because the metal is too soft to be worn. So when you are purchasing a piece of jewelry and are told that it's made of pure gold, this should make you suspicious. It's possible to coat jewelry with a 24k gold coating, as we will elaborate further on. The most common kind of gold is 14k and also 18k. This represents the percentage of pure gold in the alloy. In order to calculate this, divide the karat of the jewelry by the karat of pure gold. For example:
14k gold: 14/24= 0.583
18k gold: 18/24= 0.75

Hence the percentage of pure gold in a 14k ring, necklace, etc. is 58.3%, and in an 18k jewel it's 75%. The other materials in the alloy consist of different metals, which provide it with durability, or color; that is, white gold or rose gold.   

Naturally, the more the pure gold in the alloy, the deeper the yellow color, and the softer the metal.

The specific weight of gold is quite high, and stands at 19.32 grams per cc. Why is this important to us? Because when we purchase a piece of jewelry, we also pay by its weight. Therefore, a 14k gold ring that weighs 2 grams, will cost more if it was made of 18k gold, because it would weigh more. That same ring's weight would also change if it was made of 925 Sterling silver, since silver's specific weight is lower than gold's.

How is the gold price defined in the global market? The price is determined by the trade rates of the global trading, and it changes every day. The price is defined per ounce and is somewhere around 1800-1900 dollars. Gold is indeed a very expensive substance!

What exactly is gold coating? Many customers show me pieces of jewelry that they had paid quite a lot for, and that were said to be made of Gold-filled of gold coated, but surprisingly enough, it has lost its color and is now silver or kind of a copper shade. Gold coating is a process in which the jewelry, made of a cheap metal, is dipped in a small tub. It this tub, tiny particles of gold move and attach to the metal in an electrolysis procedure. The coating is not durable and will wear off and disappear in a short period of time. We, at Tor Pure Jewelry, do not make gold coated jewelry. If you had already purchased a gold coated piece, make sure to refrain it from water, different creams, perfumes, cleaning substances etc. We strongly recommend that you invest in a quality gold jewelry, that will last forever.

And something a bit spiritual to conclude: according to various disciplines, gold is a soothing, relaxing metal, that assists in balancing the emotional system, and uplifts the levels of positive emotions. Its energy is one of general purity, of merging and balancing, and it affects the wearer.