Policies & FAQ

Processing Time 

Each item is MADE TO ORDER. Therefore, we need time to design and craft your custom piece, and the time we need to prepare an order for shipping varies. Most pieces take 1-2 weeks to be ready, but some take longer. Upon your order we will inform you with the estimated time for your order to be shipped out. 

Worldwide Shipping

We ship via DHL or FEDEX express shipping services, which are insured and provide a tracking number. The shipping usually takes 3 business days to arrive, but please note that
occasionally delivery may take an extra few days.

All items are sent in gift boxes.

Customs and Import Taxes

Buyers are responsible for any customs and import taxes that may apply. We are not responsible for delays due to customs.

Returns and Exchanges

If you are unhappy with your order, please let us know within 3 days after receiving the item. We will give you the return address and will refund the price you had paid, not including the shipping fee, once we receive the piece back.

Custom orders are not fully refundable. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

Diamond and Authenticity Certificates 

Our items are set with high quality diamonds only (see more at our "Diamond Guide"). Some of our items arrive with a GIA (Gemological Institute of America) report, as mentioned in the item's description.
We can provide an IGL (International Gemological Laboratories) certificate with your diamond jewelry purchase, upon request and for an extra charge of 70$.
We also provide you with an Authenticity Certificate, declaring you have received an original item made and designed by TOR, complete with a serial number and a full description of your item. The certificate is sealed and signed and is free of charge.
We can provide a GIA report only for diamonds over 0.40 carat. This will raise the item's price. If you wish to receive a report with your piece, please contact us via email, PRIOR TO YOUR ORDER.


How do I find my ring size?
The best and most reliable method is to visit a jewelry store or boutique, and ask them to measure your ring size. Most places will let you know your American size (as we use for our items), but if not, please make sure to convert your size using our ring size chart.
Today there are great options for ring measuring apps on your app store. Just search and pick the one that you like the most. Make sure you measure a ring that fits your finger perfectly! 
Another way to define your size is to measure the circumference (distance around) of your finger with something flexible, such as a strip of paper or a piece of string, and a ruler with millimeter measurements. Or, measure the INSIDE diameter (distance across) in millimeters of a ring you currently wear. Send us these measurements and we will tell you your US ring size. 

I can`t find my accurate US ring size. Could you please help me convert my UK/French/German/etc. size?
The ring sizes on our website are US sizes, but we can make your ring in any size gradation. You are welcome to contact us for size conversion assistance.
You can also use our ring size chart to convert your size. 

I want to order a ring for my girlfriend/ fiancé/ wife/ partner, but I don't know her/his ring size. What should I do?
If you are not sure about your partner's ring size, we can definitely help you figure it out. Just contact us and we will explain it to you- it's easier than you think! 

I want to order an item in rose gold, but there is no option for that in the item's page. Can you make it for me? 
We would be happy to design an item in another gold tone for you. Most designs look great in all gold tones- yellow, white and rose. A few items will look better the way we designed them in the first place, but feel free to ask us about any item you had in mind. 

Can I ask for the same design but with a larger/smaller diamond?
We can make most of our rings with a diamond in any carat size. It`s all a matter of your budget. Contact us to get a price quote for a custom size diamond.

I have an idea for a design that I want, do you make custom made jewelry as well? 
Custom made jewelry is actually our expertise! Use our "Ask For a Custom Design" page to send us all the info, including photos or sketches you have, and we will make the perfect, unique piece for you. 

I like one of your items but I want to replace the diamonds with another precious stone. Is that possible? 
It depends which item is in question, but yes, most of our designs can be altered and set with sapphires, rubies, emeralds, aquamarines, tourmalines etc. Just ask us and we will tell you if it's manageable. 

I want to see some more photos and videos of an item I want to order. Can you send them to me?
Of course we can! Just text/ WhatsApp us at +972-54-4460087 and tell us what item you want to see more of. We'll send you videos and photos that will help you decide what to choose. 

Where do the diamonds you use come from? 
We use various diamonds and they each have different origins. Most of our diamonds are from India. We use only conflict-free diamonds for all of our pieces. (no blood diamonds)
We also offer lab created diamonds for some of our designs, you can read more about this awesome option here. 

Can you provide a GIA report (certificate) for the diamonds in the piece I had ordered?
We can provide a GIA report only for diamonds over 0.40 carat. This will raise the item's price. If you wish to receive a report with your piece, please contact us via e-mail, PRIOR TO YOUR ORDER.

I see some products have the options of 18K gold or 14K gold. What’s the difference?
The difference is the percentage of gold. 14K has a lower concentration of gold than 18K, therefore it is less expensive. 14K is considered stronger as pure gold is rather soft. Read more about this here.

What does "no rhodium plating" mean and why should I ask for it?
We strongly recommend not to have your white gold piece rhodium plated. The rhodium plating makes the gold look whiter, quite like silver. When you keep the original color of the natural gold, it appears rather yellowish or greyish than purely white. This gives it a natural and unique look. Also, you would not have to re-plate it as you would with most white gold jewelry.

Can you make a design in gold filled/ gold plated/ 9k gold?
Our designs are available in 14k, 18k and 22k solid gold only, or 925 Sterling Silver (if mentioned in item's description).

What is in the package you send me?
All of our orders are shipped in a beautifully wrapped gift box.
Inside the package you'll find:
• Your jewelry, in a luxurious TOR box
• A detailed and signed certificate of authenticity
• An explanation of how to take care of your jewelry
• A complimentary jewelry polishing cloth
• Our business card
• Depending on your order- a GIA or IGL diamond report

The ring I had ordered is too small/too big for me. Can you fix it?
If you provided the wrong ring size by mistake and want to resize it, we can adjust the size for you, but it depends on the difference between the two sizes. If it's more than four sizes, fixing it might deform it. If it's less than four sizes, we can do it. We charge a 50$ fee + shipping fee (depending on your address).

Is there a warranty on your items?
Our jewelry are made by very high standards, and are closely examined and inspected before they are shipped over to the customer. Once the piece is worn by the customer, we are no longer responsible for whatever happens to it. All jewelry should be treated carefully and taken off before you are involved in an unusual activity- here is a guide to keeping your jewelry at their best.