About Us

"I make jewelry that I want to wear myself", says Kalanit Tor, founder and head designer. Her designs are inspired by old, vintage jewelry, ones that our grandmothers and mothers used to wear. "As a child, I used to ask my mom to open her jewelry case for me to look at and inspect, every once in a while. I loved to try them on and watch them shine and glow, and they always seemed like a queen's jewelry to me. Because she brought them with her from Iran, they were so special and different in my eyes."
Every piece is custom made for the client, perfected to the last detail. The designer crafts by hand every individual item with much care and precision, carefully choosing the right diamonds and precious stones to suit the piece.
"I like to call my style 'renewed vintage', because they look like they are antique pieces of jewelry, taken from the past, but with a modern twist ", she says. "I often play around with some stones to create a geometric shape that is interesting or different, and then I create the ring, pendant or earrings. I think of jewelry as tiny architectural structures, which hold those diamonds or gemstones in place and illuminate them."

TOR was established in 2012 by Kalanit Tor. Made in her studio, located at the heart of Tel Aviv, her jewelry pieces carry her unique hand signature and fine aesthetic taste.